• Web Design

    UX Web Design

    updated on a regular basis.

    Increase Sales - +300%

    Increased SE ranking - +800%

    Less "Back" button clicks - -40%

    Increase conversion - +65%

    Case Studies

  • PPC Ad Manager

    PPC Ad Manager

    Where we come into play!

    Increased ROAS - +300%

    Massive traffic uplift - +1200%

    Push CPC down - -25%

    Increase conversion - +65%

    Case Studies

  • SEO Manager

    SEO Manager

    Maintain and improve search engine rankings.

    Revenue Increased - +46%

    Drive focused traffic - +1300%

    Smashing ROI - +58%

    Increase conversion - +35.5%

    Case Studies

  • Social Media Manager

    Social Media Manager

    providing information (no sales pressure)

    Drive focused traffic - +46%

    Enhance branding - +1300%

    Build mailing list - +58%

    Secure regular ROI - +35.5%

    Case Studies

  • Reputation Management

    Reputation Manager

    On-line reputation can make or break.

    Confidence in your brand - +46%

    Cart abandonment - -1300%

    Would recommend - +58%

    Increase conversion - +35.5%

    Case Studies

  • Amazing Support

    Amazing Support

    We love talking to our clients.

    Error alerts and monitoring

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  • Digital Marketing Company

    Digital Marketing Company


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Outsource to LAUNCH@1 – Your very Own Digital Marketing Manager

Launch@1 is performance driven Digital Marketing Agency offering FIXED PRICE services tailored for Agencies and Brands wanting to launch their products and services on the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing and have greater return on advertising spend and increase ROI.

Have All Your Marketing Outsourced to our team of top trained industry professionals saving precious time and cutting cost whilst getting fast results.

Outsourcing offers great opportunity to take your business off the ground by hiring your very own account manager. Customise your package to suit your requirements and match your budget.

Paid Search Advertising

Campaign Management - Google Adwords, Google Shopping, Facebook, Linkedin. PPC ad management allows you to closely monitor your marketing budget. You have the freedom to decide exactly how much you want to spend on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This means that you have a lot more power over the financial side of your PPC marketing plan.



Instant – The traffic from PPC advertising is instant.

Qualified – PPC traffic can be highly qualified if you set up your campaign right.

Exclusions – We can actually exclude profiles of prospects that can affect the overall cost and conversion rate.

Pay by Result – You only pay when someone acts on your ads.

Cost Effective/Affordable – You can set spending daily budgets – so you are in full control of your advertising spend.

Long-Term Source – PPC advertising is a long term source of traffic.

Diverse Source – avoid putting all your eggs in one lead generation basket by using different PPC networks.

Short-Term Tests – PPC advertising can be a great way of quickly establishing the level of demand for your product.

Measurable – PPC is incredibly measurable. Detailed data that you collect automatically helps you continually improving your ads.



Scalable/Flexible – PPC traffic is inherently scalable. You can edit your account as often as you like. Adwords is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week online so it is accessible from anywhere.



Ecommerce Product Data Management

Product Feed & Campaign Management for Google Shopping and any other price comparison sites and marketplaces. such as Amazon and Ebay.



To Deliver Fast-Deployment, Massive Up-Lift in Web Traffic, Better Conversion and Increased ROAS

We Build High-Tech Shopping Feeds – That Increase Product Visibility on portable mobile devices as well as on desk-top computers. We can pull in outside information to give your shopping campaigns a competitive boost.

Centralise and Manage all your data for local or global reach from one place. We improve feed compliance by reducing bounce rate and swiftly address errors and disapproval so your data feed remains live 24/7 and works on max. capacity.

Feed Optimisation Work – to Maximise the return you are getting from all your channels. Ensure maximum product visibility and optimisation across all digital marketing channels and marketplaces. Using test-led methodology to ensure we’re driving value.


Organic Search

Optimisation of websites is a very important strategy to deliver the best results for free exposure, traffic and leads.



A website can be one of the best tools for your business (in fact, for some people, their website is their business!), but if you fail to understand SEO, your website is unlikely to do you much good.

If you understand SEO, however, you could get your website on the first page when someone searches for your product.

Remember! Internet Marketing is all about automation! We can use your main keyword to search Forums or Blogs that are discussing the subject of your niche right now. So we can always be in the middle of the conversations concerning your product and drive traffic back to your site simply by including the link with your url.




PR, Web Content Creation, Inbound Links & Leads

Search Engine Marketing: Measurable - Affordable - Immediate Results


Good, helpful and quality content is KING on the internet and always rank well.

Good quality content = longer average visitor = higher search engine ranking.

Google Search Engine`s main objective is to bring up valuable content that viewers are searching on the internet quickly and offer them precisely the information they are looking for using the relevant keywords. To be able to achieve that objective Google constantly need more content themselves.

Therefore, your main priority should be offering good valuable information in your website using keyword rich content.

Direct Leads, Backlinks and Exposure

Find sites where you can syndicate your content within your market and gain valuable search engine rankings by generating backlinks to your website. This is a great way to gain free exposure.

Our Work

Our work speaks for itself

Best Photography WordPress Themes

iCarus Fullscreen Studio – Best Photography WordPress Themes

Spa WordPress Theme

Spa Lab | Beauty Spa, Health Spa Worthpress Theme

Kindergarten Themes

Little People | Kindergarten Themes for PreScool and infants, nurseries and play school – WorthPress

Education WordPress Theme

Driveme – Education WordPress Theme – Driving School WordPress Theme

Food WordPress Theme

BURGY – Fast Food, Burgers, Pizzas, Salads – Food WordPress Theme

Best WordPress Themes For Business

INNOVATION – Construction & Building WordPress Theme – Best WordPress Themes For Business

Automotive WordPress Theme

Bengkel – Automotive WordPress Theme – Modern Auto Car Repair Business Theme

Creative Websites

Dalton – Clean Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

UX Web Design & Conversion Rate Optimisation

User eXperience Design > Traffic > Conversion > Sale


Design > Traffic > Conversion > Sales

How to turn your business into a highly profitable on-line enterprise!

User Experience Web Design – Eyeballs catching web designs to increase brand awareness and improve brand reputation. We build custom and interactive websites for any business in any industry. All our websites are responsive and can be read by all mobile devices. They are designed for a strategic customer experience to drive more sales to your business.

We build Information Sites, Membership websites, e-commerce sites, Hybrid Blog sites, Review sites and landing pages. We can build the one that is right for you.

Internet Traffic – Why do we need Internet Traffic? There is NO point of having a website unless your customers and potential customers visit it. Traffic is what every website needs to generate sales. If you do not have traffic you don`t make a penny.

More Traffic = More Sales

Traffic is the lifeblood of any internet business. You can pay for it or you can get it for FREE. It is essential that you have a coordinated online marketing strategy which will attract your customers and potential customers to your website and also to your business.

UX web design

Lead Conversion – There is no point in having visitors to your website unless you to collect contact details from as many prospects as possible. You then will be able to enter into a dialogue with your visitors.
There are a number of ways you can achieve these objectives.
The following are the key techniques which must be considered when developing your on-line marketing strategy. The successful implementation of your on-line strategy should generate additional business and profits for your website on the internet.

Making Sales – At the End of the Day… Eyeballs catching web design; targeting buyers traffic; gain visitor`s trust and confidence; planning a strategic customer experience; using software to capture leads; Letting Google Know What You’re All About, and Spreading the Word and having high converting sales pages is the Key to Success. All While Providing Value.


Digital Marketing Strategies

Content Creation and Campaign Management


Return Of Investment Calculator

Before you start investing your time and money into your new project you need to carry out a good market research to secure ROI. Find evidence that there is sufficient demand for your offering in the market. Can you ensure ROAS on the current PPC market?



In order to perform an effective SEM for your website we have to carry out an extensive keyword research first to learn everything about your market in order to attract and drive targeted buyer’s traffic to your website.

…So without going into too much detail these are the things we will need to look into.

  1. Your Content
  2. Keyword research
  3. Ascertain Demand
  4. Define Your Target market
  5. Check How Competitive your market is
  6. Your current SEO performance



Price Plans

Starting up is simple. 1) Request your FREE website audit  2) Talk to our marketing strategist 3) Choose your payment plan 4) Receive your monthly report and analytics to track performance

Our services are sold as “a package of services” and our charges are based on a monthly fee. You can sign up any time and you can cancel any time. No contract. No strings attached. Outsourcing made easy. Launch@1 is a Digital Marketing Company you can trust. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

What are Credits?

Level 1

200 CREDITS / £297 A MONTH

Lift Off! Our SEO experts will perform an extensive website analysis and fix the faults (if any) along with a tailor-made SEO strategy proposal for your business.

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Search Engines Ranking Monitoring
  • Technical Performance
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Level 2

600 CREDITS / £597 A MONTH

Keep it Steady! Based on the website analysis and market research we will help you put together an effective marketing strategy to get exposure, higher rankings and more traffic to your website.

  • PPC advertising
  • SEO performance
  • Marketing
  • Web development
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Level 3

1200 CREDITS / £997 A MONTH

Accelerate! Whether you choose to build a mailing list with Social Media or outrank your competitors, we can help you plan your next move towards making even more sales and increasing profits.

  • SEO optimised
  • More content
  • Traffic flow and conversions
  • Direct marketing
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Level 4

2000 CREDITS / £1497 A MONTH

Fly High! Selling from economy to ultra high price tag products? This section is just for you! Accelerate your sales with our proven content marketing, tailor made for you to MAXIMISE your profits and ROI.

  • Webinar marketing
  • Web development
  • List building
  • Top search engine ranking
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