PPC Advertising



Instant – The traffic from PPC advertising is instant.

Qualified – PPC traffic can be highly qualified if you set up your campaign right.

Exclusions – We can actually exclude profiles of prospects that can affect the overall cost and conversion rate.

Pay by Result – You only pay when someone acts on your ads.

Cost Effective/Affordable – You can set spending daily budgets – so you are in full control of your advertising spend.

Long-Term Source – PPC advertising is a long term source of traffic.

Diverse Source – avoid putting all your eggs in one lead generation basket by using different PPC networks.

Short-Term Tests – PPC advertising can be a great way of quickly establishing the level of demand for your product.

Measurable – PPC is incredibly measurable. Detailed data that you collect automatically helps you continually improving your ads.



Scalable/Flexible – PPC traffic is inherently scalable. You can edit your account as often as you like. Adwords is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week online so it is accessible from anywhere.