About Launch@1

We are sure that you will be aware that the internet has developed into being a remarkably powerful low cost marketing tool and forum which can be used by large and small companies alike.
We also know that due to the speed of development, new services and techniques are being introduced continually. It is for this reason that many/ most small and medium sized businesses have difficulty in keeping up to date with the developments. They therefore require help/consultancy or to outsource certain aspects of their online marketing to enable them to take advantage of their new opportunities.
As an examples, a company which provides help/customer services may wish to use technology to speak to a customer through a video/audio link which also has the capability of showing photographs, illustrated power point instructions, text etc while talking to the customer over the link.
As another example sales manager may wish to introduce a prospect to the company using an online interview which again could include photographs etc. This could be sent by email or could be incorporated into websites or posted onto You Tube.
As a final example, a company may be selling digital products or services in the UK and has never considered the export market. By developing or writing ebooks, articles, webinars, interviews, videos etc The company can promote its service to the global market. The work of converting current products into saleable products is small but the returns can be very high.

Your company website/s
a. We offer a free service to computer analyse your website/s
b. If required we offer a full website marketing package which will increase traffic to your website and obtain the email addresses of a high proportion of your website visitors.

We build and apply a full marketing package to promote the following types of websites. These websites will be designed to collect email addresses from visitors and to sell largely digital products to them. They will also generate additional traffic to your company website or websites
a. Opt in websites
b. Review websites
c. Blog sites
d. Testimonial websites

We build affiliate websites. These websites are designed to attract traffic and collect email addresses from visitors as well as to sell other peoples products in return for a commission. The website is, selling the products, delivering the products and paying the commissions are undertaken on an automated basis. The site will require quick regular oversight but it should generate a long-term income.

We build E-commerce websites. These sites are designed to promote and sell your own products. If you have this requirement. We may or may not have the time to develop the website but we are available to provide consultancy advice.

An essential part of your online marketing will be your email marketing campaign. It can be a fully automated process therefore once it is set up it runs will only a small monitoring effort and occasional intervention. Visitors from the UK or abroad will leave their email address in response to free information or other offers on your websites. The email addresses will be added to an auto responder which will send out emails to them on a regular basis. It s likely that you will send information about your product range, make special offers and offer them affiliate products. Your email marketing campaign should generate orders from the UK and abroad and an affiliate income from organisations which you may never have met.

To create an ebook, which is an excellent way of promoting a company’s products or services, is easy. First produce a bullet point list of the chapters, do the same for each paragraph within each chapter. If this proves to be difficult, take a look at competitive books and pick some ideas from them. Then either write the book yourself or we can arrange for a professional author to write it for you. We must warn you that your efforts will be in vain unless you market your book online. This will attract the readers/buyers

We can produce power point presentations, webinars, videos, articles, ebooks for you. Again, We must warn you that your efforts will be in vain unless you market your book online. This will attract the readers/viewers/buyers.

There are many other ways of attracting prospects/customers to your site/s, which we can discuss with you, however for the sake of brevity we have not listed them all here.. Some of them are free others such as pay per click advertising must be purchased. However a key issue which should be incorporated into your marketing plan is the geographical area within which you operate. There are techniques to target towns

Finally many companies should combine online marketing with traditional marketing