How to Make Money online

You can’t make money without sales!

We therefore start with the sale creating process. However our philosophy is that companies should be driven by marketing and controlled by the discipline of finance. We have a Business Health survey which we recommend should be completed by all companies. Companies should ensure that their business fundamentals are in place before they embark on a vigorous expansion strategy.

Your money making strategy

Should co-ordinate on line and off line marketing

All businesses should develop a money making strategy. It is remarkable how few businesses have actually documented their strategy and conveyed it to their staff. The strategy obviously will vary between large and small companies and it will vary depending on the type of business involved. If you have a sound money making plan you are much more likely to succeed tve one.han if you don’t ha

A Company should recognise the following money making steps which should be taken by virtually all businesses:-

  • Develop traffic
  • Generate the leads
  • Incorporate the leads into the company’s sale database
  • Create interest and desire.
  • Make the sale
  • Make follow up sales
  • You must develop a strategy and put it into effect in your own time.

How do you generate traffic?

Developing traffic is likely to include online and offline marketing techniques. Specialist skills to develop the strategy and techniques are likely to be required by most companies. Larger companies should be making progress on all fronts. Smaller companies on the other hand are likely to take a step by step approach. However the list below covers a high proportion of the techniques which should be considered.

Traditional marketing includes:-

  • Joint venture Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Guarantee Marketing
  • Press Advertising
  • Leaflet distribution

Website marketing, which includes:-

  • Strategic domain name selection
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Linking and back linking
  • Incentives and opt in boxes

All social media marketing should include the four headings detailed for website marketing above) in addition it should include:-
Pages on such sites as Facebook, Linkedin, etc

  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Notice boards eBooks

Multimedia marketing should include:-

  • Mobile devices
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • News letters
  • Sales letters
  • Auto responders
  • Company’s apps

How do you generate leads?

Leads are generated from a proportion of the traffic which has been developed using the techniques mentioned above.
Traffic is one thing but converting them to leads is another. Using the following methods to capture their contact details is essential. The more data you capture the better, but name and email address are the essential items.
The following encouragement can be used in conjunction with websites, social media pages, landing pages, videos, seminars, networking, exhibitions etc. to encourage “the traffic” to fill in opt in boxes thus converting them into contactable prospects:-

Free gifts


Traffic, Brand promotion and lead generation for many companies are all vital steps on the road which lead to sales and profits.


But there are further steps which must be introduced and followed:-

  • Develop confidence & desire
  • Conversion
  • Sale
  • Repeat business
  • Develop confidence & desire

Once a lead has been transferred to the database, a company is ready to build the confidence and desire which the leads require before they are ready to commit themselves to a purchase. The company usually does this by communicating with the prospects and supplying them with information.


Every company will have its own conversion techniques. They may wish to encourage the prospect to buy online or they may visit the prospect, invite them to the company premises or suggest that they attend a seminar. Some companies offer guarantees to cement the confidence building process. If the confidence and desire has been created the sale should follow.


When the sale takes place companies should have a detailed sales procedure which should include a verbal “Thank you” possibly “a Thank You follow up letter”, invitations to future events
such as product launches or sales. Possibly a loyalty card, product training etc should be supplied. Remember the cost of a letter is small fry compared to the potential value of a new customer.

Repeat business

Companies should appreciate that one of their most valuable assets is their customers. If they are treated correctly they will continue to buy on a regular basis. Companies should also remember that their prospect list is their goldmine. Product launches should be repeated on a regular basis together with the offer of various incentives to encourage a prospect to become a regular new customer. Your customer list should be your lifeline and you should use it to your best advantage.
Cost control

The automation of your sales system should control your costs and increase your profits.

If you follow and implement the above you should be well on your way to make money