Lead Generation eBook Creation


  1. Write a short, powerful bursts of information articles
  2. Have a call to action on every article to invite readers to meet you at a free live or recorded webinar.
  3. Make it only available to Kindle readers.
  4. Use clickable links to send your readers to an Opt-in page on your website.
  5. Use GetResponse to automatically adds them to subscriber’s mailing list.
  6. Get paid to give your ebook away on KDP Select
  7. Monetise the backend by selling relevant products or services via webinars
  8. Profit off your status as a book publisher

This system creates a level of trust, so when the few sales emails come across their Inbox, they’re more likely to open and view them, than hit the delete button. 99-pence price point, it’s a no-brainer for people to purchase the eBook. it’s also an easier way for them to sign up for additional free webinar.